What to Expect

Before Practice

  • Rowers should arrive about 15min before the start of the rowing session to Check in, receive updates and instruction from coaches/staff and to prepare for practice
  • Typically during the 15min prior to practice, rowers will take their oars to the dock/launching area
  •  All rowers should be on time for practice since the boat can only be rowed if all the rowers are present, tardy rowers will cause the entire session to be delayed.

During Practice (Total Practice Time is 2hrs)

0-20min – Warm up and Putting Boat on the Water

  • Each rowing session will begin with stretching and a land warm up
  • Rowers will then, under the instruction of coach or Coxwain, remove and carry their boat to the dock and place it in the water
  • This is a team effort in which everyone works together to maneuver the 200lb boat. – Many hands make light work!

20-95min – On-Water Practice

  • Each rowing session is lead by a coach
  • Rowers will practice to improve rowing technique and fitness
  • It is important that all rowers bring a water bottle to practice
  • Rowers should use the restroom prior to launching

95-110min – Put Equipment Away and Cool Down

  • Rowing sessions end where they begin – at the dock
  • Rowers will get out of boat, remove their oars and carry the boat to the boathouse
  • Following that, rowers will return to the dock to get their oars
  • All rowing sessions end with a land cool down exercise and stretching

After Practice

110-120min – Announcements and Farewell

  • After the cool down, coaches will recap the highlights of the practice and make necessary announcements
  • Rowers will then check out
  • All practices will end at the scheduled time (certain unforeseen conditions may delay the end of practice, this is rare)