Frequently Asked Questions

Where is rowing practice held?

Rowing practices are held at the Clinton Rowing Club Boathouse in Clinton City Park, Clinton, TN, 37716 (S. Charles G. Seivers Blvd at Riverside Drive).

Does Clinton Rowing Club have YOUTH programs?

Yes!  CRC has Middle School and High School programs for boys and girls.  Programs range from Beginner (No Experience) to Advanced.  CRC also offers summer youth rowing camps.

Do I have to live in Clinton to row for Clinton Rowing Club?

No.  Anyone can participate. 

When are programs offered?

All programs are offered according to our Program Schedules.  Programs are offered in Spring, Summer and Fall.  See Youth Rowing under Rowing Programs (above).

How do I register for a program?

All CRC programs registration is done online on this site.  Registration requires basic personal information, completion of our liability release waiver, and acceptance of the CRC’s terms and conditions.

How do I pay for a program?

Program fees can be by check or cash at your first rowing session or mailed to us prior to your first session.

 Can I pay my fees in installments?

Yes.  You can pay either the total fee in advance or pay a monthly fee for your program.  All program fees must be paid by your first rowing session (or at the beginning of each month in the case of installments) to be able to participate.  An installment fee may apply.

What should I expect at my first practice?

All rowing programs will begin with a brief introduction and orientation to the facility and the sport.  Beginner sessions will start with the basics like carrying equipment to the dock and launching/landing.  Experienced sessions will review basics and start at an appropriate level for the group.  To learn more about what to expect see our What to Expect tab above.

What should I wear to rowing practice?

Rowers should wear snug-fitting athletic attire including t-shirts/tank tops, shorts/long tights, socks, hats and running shoes.  For more detailed information see our How to Prepare section on this website.

How long are practice sessions?

Practice session typically last between 90-120 minutes depending on the type of session.  This includes a land warm-up, water practice and land cool-down.  Rowers are encouraged to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the start of their practice so that practices can start promptly at the scheduled time.  All practice sessions will end by the schedule time (excluding any unforeseen delay).

Once registered for a rowing program, am I required to come to every session?

Rowing practice requires that enough rowers are present to fill the boat so its expected that rowers will attend every session.  Rowers who miss practice may cause practice to be cancelled or keep rowers from going on the water.

What if I have to miss a practice session?

Absences are sometimes unavoidable.   In these cases, please contact your coach by phone to inform him/her as soon as possible.  Because program schedules are fixed, we are unable to reimburse rowers for missed practices or reschedule them for make up sessions.

How do I contact coaches or club administrators?

All general questions should be sent to or by completing our Contact Us form on this website.  Specific program related questions and communications should be made directly to your program coach.  Coaches will provide their email and mobile phone numbers to all participants (and parents).